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48mm Hand Tape Dispenser Packing Packaging Boxes Roll Roller Cutter

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5mm Metric Steel Extremely Heat Resistant Twist Drill Bit

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5mm Metric Steel Extremely Heat Resistant Twist Drill Bit

Drill bits are not made of pure cobalt, but rather a steel alloy with certain percent cobalt. The cobalt increases the strength of the steel and makes it more heat-resistant.

Specification :

1Pcs 5mm drill bits, each pack contains a drill bits in the same size,
high speed steel for super abrasive resistance in tough metals, improve much higher heat resistance because of cobalt steel’s high red hardness.
Drill Bit provide strong durable performance compared to typical drill bits.
The twist drill bits are housed in plastic case for easy storage, easy to carry out homework.
Drill Bits are successful in cutting hard metals such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium alloy, and also can be used for softer materials.

How to use :

Be Vertical
Keep the drill bit vertical with the stuff’s surface to be drilled.
Tilted bit is prone to break during drilling.
Be sure to make both the bit and the workpiece stable.

Do It Slow
Drilling metal requires low RPM. Please use a device of which the drilling speed can be adjusted.

Be careful
when you use an electric drill. The RPM could be set too high. The thicker the bit, the slower speed should be. If you’re not sure, please start from the lowest RPM and pressure.

Stay Cool
Friction between bit and metal will accumulate an amount of heat. It’s necessary to use cooling liquid during drilling to keep the bit cool. Otherwise, the bit may fry(melt) or only last a short time. It’s both ok to use lubricant oil and to pour water.

Right Drilling Device
It’s highly recommended that you use a drill press to drill thick metals. It’s stable, powerful and (RPM) adjustable. If a drill press isn’t available, electric drill or charging drill will do the job, too. However, it’s more likely you’ll meet problems unless you’re really experienced.

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