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Waterproof Mobile Pouch (6.2 inch , Random Colour)

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-3 Way Soil Meter (pH Testing Meter)

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Cereal Storage Container With Measuring Cup For Kitchen Storage
This durable cereal container with a slim design take up less space and will easily fit into your kitchen or pantry which enables you to get the kitchen organized and frees up space in the pantry
This container is perfect to store rice, flour, grain, beans, snacks, coffee, tea, pet food, or anything you want to store. Your Kitchen can be neatly organized with this container
The versatile storage container is easy for you to check the food without open it. The small size and portability are convenient for you to take for walking or travelling.
The side-locking lids airtight seal make your food dry, fresh and health. You don’t need to worry that your cereal goes stales, also keep the mice, insects away.

Product Features :

Airtight Containers: it’s a really clear plastic container. You can identify the contents without opening them. This sided locking lid with silicone seal, It seals really well so you don’t need to worry that your cereal goes stales. Measuring cup can screw on over the pour spout. It also can keep out of mice, rats, insects and other pests away.
BPA Free & Durable made of high quality food grade BPA free materials. You won’t have to worry about the health of your family. Durable and shatterproof, we have tested the storage container body ensure it to be strong and durable enough for long-lasting use.
Easy to Wash – This light weight premium quality plastic container which is easy to wash by hand and also safe clean in dishwasher.
Ergonomic Grip – This design make it easy to pour and your hand will fell really comfortable. Even for small hands can grip and pour easily.
Pour Spout – Portable , you can pour out food easily without open the lid. You can also use the top measuring cup to measure.

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