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Cockroaches Repellent Chalk Keep Cockroach Away from Home


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Cockroaches Repellent Chalk Keep Cockroach Away (Pack of 12)

The Wonder Fresh Cockroach Chalk is India?s most well-known insecticide chalk for killing cockroaches and ants. One of the most effective and economical product for the killing of cockroaches and ants, chalk is used to draw lines which attract cockroaches, other crawling insects; kills them on contact, making it user-friendly. Popularly known as Magic Lines.

Attracts cockroaches, other crawling insects & kills them on contact.
Shrink Wrap on the chalk will prevent direct contact of chalk with your hands.
The chalk may be cut into several pieces before using. In drawing the lines, try to leave more powder on it so as to acquire better result.
If not wiped off, effects of chalk remain for a long time.
Those who are allergic to aerosol will prefer using The Wonder Cockroach Chalk.
Physical Dimension

Weight (Gm) :- 265

Length (Cm) :- 9

Breadth (Cm) :- 3

Height (Cm) :- 35

Additional information

Weight 265 g


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