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48mm Hand Tape Dispenser Packing Packaging Boxes Roll Roller Cutter

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4 in 1 Laser Pointer Torch LED Lights with Hook

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Desktop Tape Dispenser Adhesive Roll Holder

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Desktop Tape Dispenser Adhesive Roll Holder

Tape Dispensers is just another addition to their quality useful products. Whether you are in office or at home tapes are used in various tasks and to ease your work these classic tape dispensers are awesome and convenient. They are used both in official set ups and casual gatherings. It can be used to hold tape. You can carry it along or have multiple pieces for use at different places. Moreover the best thing about this product is that you don’t have to leave your desk. You can conveniently cut the required length even without paying much attention to the task. It doesn’t skid from the surface so you can use it from different angles. It remains in its place and allows you perform your task at your comfort. You can keep one hand free for answering calls writing notes and more while you tear off a piece of tape with this tape dispenser which makes it easy to grab tape for sealing envelopes and packages.

Product Features :

Easy to use :
Do you need a desktop tape dispenser that stays in place so you can quickly operate with one hand? You have found it!

This tape dispenser is heavy, has a solid frame and rubber suction cups to immobilize it. Forget about sliding dispensers, this one will not move

Frustration Free :
Remember the frustration of finding the edge of a scotch tape? Not anymore, we added a second ledge to catch the edge of the tape when it doesn’t stick to the blade

Avoid Accident:
The sharp serrated blade helps you make quick and clean cuts. We included a blade cover to avoid accidents when the units is not being used

Economical Design :
Classic Tape Dispensers is an economical and reliable item. You will be happy to have this item at your home or office

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