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Small Stainless Steel Sink/Wash Basin Drain Strainer

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Multipurpose Plastic Storage Rack Oraganiser – 3 pcs

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Heat Resistant Silicon Iron Mat

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Heat Resistant Silicon Iron Mat

This Iron Silicone based heat resistant pad makes ironing very convenient as you can rest your hot Iron on it without any damage. Small & Light pad can be kept on any side of the ironing board as convenient. The hot iron can be kept flat on this surface so saves time of switching off or upending the iron. Restart ironing without having to wait for the iron to heat up. This is a must for every household to reduce risk of fire. Even if you have a good Ironing Board Rest, you still need this as an Use integrated hole to hang when not in use, or leave out for convenience Use for short breaks while working, or use for storage and cooling after you finish If you are ironing while on the phone, cooking food, on the computer or just plain doing something else, then you’ll want our Silicone Iron Rest Pad. Instead of just leaving your hot iron standing up and possibly falling over on to your rug, desk, bedding or wherever you find ironing space, you’ll want it to be safe and simply lay it down on a Silicone Iron Rest Pad. Accidents happen and it is always easy to say ‘should, but why not keep your life stress free and add this heat resistant Iron Rest Pad to your supplies checklist. you can safely rest your hot iron on a tabletop, counter, floor or storage area. This will allow you to do the job anywhere and be safe at the same time. It will protect any surface from heat, and make any possible accidents way less likely. The silicone material is stain resistant and easy to clean, and it has a built in hole to make it easy to hang for storage. Simply slip it into your supply drawer when not in use. The silicone heat-resistant pad provides a snug fit. Stay worry free with this handy room iron accessory.

Product Features :

Protects surfaces from a hot iron Safe for use on ironing boards, tables or counters.Raised dots help your iron cool faster.
Made from high quality silicon in the shape of iron.
Durable and long lasting Silicone Iron Mat.
Flexible silicone pad, easy to clean and you can fold for convenient storage.
Keep your ironing boards, tables or counters safe with this protective iron rest. And It can also be used as a Non Slip Heat Resistant Hot Pads

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