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Spice jar Set – Food Grade Plastic 12pcs Spice jar


Plastic Watermelon Cutter Slicer

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Concepts Kitchen Combo – Juicer, 6 in 1 Slicer, Vegetable Cutter, Corn Cutter, Spiral Cutter, 4 in 1 Peeler, Orange Peeler, Apple Cutter and 4pc Glasses

Unlock the natural benefits of fruits and veggies with this powerful Juicer & Slicer Combo along with free vegetable Cutter with the peeler, a great addition to your kitchen essentials.

While the juicer extracts every drop from fruits and vegetables, the slicer makes food preparations like shredding, grating, slicing, etc. a lot easier and faster.

The sharp and high-quality stainless steel blades are rust-proof and stay sharp for a long time. Made from ABS Food Grade Quality, the combo is handy, easy to assemble, and comfortable to use and clean.


The combo does not require electricity to operate and is handy to use. With squeezing technology, juicer helps to retain 99.9% nutrients, vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.

Body material

Made from ABS Food grade material, both the juicer and slicer are durable and lightweight. The slicer has interchangeable stainless steel precision cutting blades that are sharp enough for all grating, shredding and slicing needs. The juicer comes with stainless steel mesh and easy grip handle with pusher that extracts every drop from fruits and vegetables preserving maximum nutrition and minimum wastage.


It is compact in design and can easily be stored or kept on your kitchen counter top, occupying hardly any space. The ergonomic design is convenient to be used by anyone in the family.

Package Content:

1 x Juicer

1 x 6 in 1 Slicer

1 x Vegetable Cutter

1 x Corn Cutter

1 x Spiral Cutter

1 x 4 in 1 Peeler

1 x Orange Peeler

1 x Apple Cutter

1 x 4pc Glasses

Additional information

Weight 1790 g


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