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Apple Cutter Stainless Steel Blades Fruit Slicer

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-3 Pc Mini Wire Brush Set (Brass, Nylon, Stainless Steel Bristles)

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Mini Photocatalyst Mosquito Lamps

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E-Mosquito Killer-photocatalyst Mosquito lamps, Fly Killer

Are you fed up with the annoying mosquitoes in Summer? It not only bites itch, but also may causes infectious disease. Choose NONPEST Mosquito Killer, let you have a comfortable and pleasant Summer in a healthy way!

Simple, safe solution to kill mosquitos in any room – including a child’s bedroom or nursery

This hygienic,mosquito killer lampattracts and kills mosquitos without the use of smoke, harmful chemicals or dangerous high-voltage equipment.

Application Methods

Insert power plug into power socket, turn on the power, and turn on on/off switch. When not in use, turn it off and pull out power plug.
Before cleaning storage box, you should first unplug power cord, and then remove storage box, clean up the debris in storage box, and reinstall it and tighten it.
When using at home, you can turn on it in a few hours before going to bed, turn off all lights and close door and windows for best catch results.
Do not unplug power immediately after trapping mosquitoes, keep the fan running until mosquito is dehydrated and died.
When using the device, you can place candies or other attractants in storage box, and they will be sucked by airflow with the attracting of light and odor.

With no chemicals, no odors, no zapper, and quiet operation, this bug trap is ideal to keep insects away from babies and small children.


Compact size, portable and suitable for bedroom, meeting room, offices, hotels and restaurants.


Attract & Capture Mosquitoes as well killing house flying
Get rid off harmful gases
Protect case get the latest safety finger test, safe and reliable
The bottom take mosquito box, easy to clean up mosquito corpses.

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