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Vegetables and Rice Plastic Washing Bowl with Handle

Our Washing bowl has all that you need in one utensil. The Washing bowl has a bowl that helps you soak your food, the sieve that helps you strain it, and is the case you are cooking rice, soak, rinse and strain it in the very same Washing bowl.
You will always have our Washing bowl for your fruits, vegetables, and grains by your side. You can prep a whole meal since it is also a prep bowl without changing pots and pans for soaking, straining, rinsing, and mixing. For some, it is simply a rice washing bowl or a rinsing bowl with a colander. With this rice washer, large cooking jobs go faster. Great idea for housewarming, birthday, mother’s day gifts, and Christmas gift best of all it is great for thanksgiving meal preparation.

Product Features :

Easy to clean:
The Washing bowl and Rice Riser is easy to clean, its dishwasher safe. You can put it in the top-rack without any worries. You can wash it under a tap and dry it out for use.

Material :
The Washing bowl is made of BPA-free plastic and is non-toxic. We have designed this Washing bowl keeping our customers? satisfaction in view. The colander is environment friendly, keeping things fresh and out of chemical interaction.

Avoid wasting :
Prevents Food from getting wasted while straining water from the bowl. Perfect Size For Storage in Kitchen and for washing fruits . vegetables , pulses etc

Fine drainage holes :
Fine drainage holes, you need not worry meters will spill. It not only can be used to wash things, but also can be used to storage

Quality :
Quality & Perfect Big & Large Size for Storing and Straining plastic Bowl For washing of Rice, Vegetables and Fruits Easier Prep and Serve Multi-Function Bowl with Integrated Washing bowl, Assorted Colours.

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Weight 837 g


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